Bohemia SeedCapital



INDEX30 token is basically share at INDEX30 fund and buying token you will be immediately exposed to crypto market by 30 underling assets. 90% of assets will be in cold storage and rest will be on hot wallets so we can perform re-balancing or hedging for better performance of the fund. We set minimalist approach to our fund strategy. Market is complex think even without complicate strategies or additional emotional attachment to projects. Our goal is keep things simple but effective and profitable as much as possible.


How it works

How it works

INDEX30 fund

Owning INDEX30 token, you will be exposed to all main crypto projets. No bureaucratic bariers, just buying token on BitShares DEX. No fees.


Index investing is statistically more successful, that is why we are choosing this strategy. Investing in Index is easier for general public to grasp and save time on reseacrichng all important things around crypto space.


Token is based on BitShraes blockchain. Rebalancing of portfolio on weekly basis. Bigger changes such as change of assets structure will be on quarterly basis if necessary

Transparency & Security

Three tier system on storing assets on HW wallets and offline cold storages. Quarterly reports of all holdings and returns and future strategy.


Information & ICO distribution


  • Name: Bohemia Seed Capital - INDEX fund
  • Symbol: INDEX30
  • Technology: Bitshares
  • Supply: 10 000 000 INDEX30
  • Public: 8 500 000 INDEX30
  • Team: 1 000 000 INDEX30
  • Comunity&Ecosystem: 500 000 INDEX30
  • Pre-ITO price 0.1$ per INDEX30
  • It will be pre-ito sale in 1Q 2019 on fixed price 0.1$ per token through email subscription on our website.
  • After that we will be directly selling on Bitshares DEX.




  • January 2019 - Official launch of the INDEX30 fund

  • February 2019 - Start of pre-ITO

  • March 2019 - Launch trading on Bitshares DEX platform

  • Q3 2019 - Propagation and advertisements, knowing core investors, people who are interested in project, hiring, trying to create a community.

  • Q4 2019 - Improving infrastructure, web and internal processes, getting new investors

  • Q2 2020 - Real Time performance of portfolio and holdings on web. Enable minimum liquidation price calculated from NAV.

  • 2020+ - App for investors who want to invest regularly with fiat transfers. Within application will be our real time performance, open positions and reports, etc.